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Farm Shed 7days
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Farm Shed Seasonal - October to May

Latest News

  • Strawberries now available

    19 October at 13:08 from atlas

    The first of this seasons delicious Strawberries are now available from our farm shed.

  • Hugo & Hunter Strawberry Cider

    10 August at 18:10 from atlas

    Hugo & Hunter Strawberry Cider has been a project of Hamilton Walker's for approximately three years.  Strawberries from our ...

  • Flaxley Agriculture Research Facility Purchase

    10 August at 17:37 from atlas

    Walkers International is proud to announce the addition of the old Department of Agriculture Research Facility located at Flaxley in the ...

  • 10 Health Benefits of Strawberries

    27 February at 15:40 from atlas

    1. Helps burn stored fat ...

  • Nutritional breakdown of strawberries

    27 February at 15:33 from atlas

    Strawberries are rich in the essential nutrients vitamin C, potassium, ...

  • Strawberries lower cholesterol: Study

    27 February at 12:49 from atlas

    Strawberries can lower levels of cholesterol and harmful blood fat - if you eat enough of them, research has shown. ...